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Laurie Nowlin

When rescue gets a dog, it is immediately taken to the vet to be checked out thoroughly. All dogs get their shots and are neutered or spayed before they are able to go to their new homes.

We have had several dogs with heartworms due to the mild winters we have had recently. (For those of you who don't know, dogs are infected by mosquito bites). All of the rescues are treated and live in foster homes until they are well enough to go to a new home.

Rescue is desperately in need of foster homes to care for the Airedales until new homes are found for them. The average length of time in rescue is two weeks. More seriously ill dogs may need longer care and some are in and out in a week. We usually have a waiting list of adopters and can fit the right dog to the right family in no time. If you can open your home to one of these deserving Airedales, please contact Laurie Nowlin at laurie.nowlin@gmail.com.

We also need people to check out dogs in shelters in other areas of Texas and Oklahoma. You wouldn't believe what some people think are Airedales! In a lot of cases, any large Terrier type dog is labeled an Airedale.

A little bit of your time can make a big difference to an abandoned Airedale!!!

For more information about rescues and to download an application form, click here:

Daisy ... Oklahoma Rescue

Daisy ... Oklahoma Rescue